Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Things I Previously Forgot To Tell You

Dave's Automotive in Fallon also sells boxes and aluminum carports. Moreover, they rent trucks. If you return your truck five minutes late for a good reason, they will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid charging you for an extra day. They also sent me a card thanking my for my $30.12 worth of business. You can spend more than that filling your gas tank anywhere but do they send you thank you notes?

Sierra Joe's in Dayton is unpretentious, clean, and accommodating. The sign says they have a Turkey Burger and a Jalapeno Burger, but they will actually put jalepenos on your Turkey Burger if you ask.

Dayton has a Starbuck's and I am a faithful member of the Starbucks family. I used to be the de facto chaplain to Starbuck's in Macon. They know what I want before I ask at 2 Starbucks in Las Vegas. I never pass the tres sophisticated Starbucks at Keystone & 7th in Reno -- but in Dayton, I go to Makin' Coffee. No glad handing perky greetings. Nothing slick. No way could you think you are in Seattle. But the coffee is first rate, the decor has a darkish Northwestern countercultural charm, and the people are kind. There is a sensitivity bordering on sadness there. And on the wall is a reflection by a single dad whose teenager committed suicide. Makin' Coffee is the real deal.

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