Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Las Vegas Valley Isn't What You Think

There is a lot more to life in the Vegas Valley than most people know. I was driving from Albertsons to our house in Henderson this week when a coyote trotted in front of my car, did a 180, and trotted back. It reminded me of Mark Twain's classic account of the deceptive gate of the Nevada coyote, who never seems to quite run -- and yet coyotes, with their casual stiff legged amblulation, always maitain -- not increase, just maintain -- their distance from pursuers, until the pursuers lie prostrate in the dust, their tongues hanging out. Is this how Coyote became the Native American trickster deity.

Did any of you who do not live in Las Vegas know that there is a swamp right smack in the midst of this desert city? In my next post, I will tell you about the elusive duck that haunts our swamp.


Anonymous said...

DAN - Those splendid four-legged, trotting coyote critters are also appearing up here North of Cedar City, UT - in Parowan - with more frequency, as the 'endangered' {arguably] prairie dog vermit becomes more prolific within our city limits. Affordable housing developments are still "on hold" as builders' appeals to Utah assessors' sensibilities fall on only deaf ears, too. Here: Despite lowered property values, the Utah assessment rates continue to rise in accordance with the Beehive State's law - thus off-setting the acknowledged falling revenues. IT IS NOT A GOOD TIME TO BUY PROPERTY even on 'spec markets'! THEN THERE ARE THE ASTOUNDING(!) developments brought forth by some citizens' initiatives to force REAL ETHICAL BEHAVIORS upon mostly Republican state elected officials, in both the UTAH executive & legislative branches. Headlines in front news sections of both Salt Lake City daily papers [Thursday - Sept. 17th] exclaimed that The legislators are now trying to "duck and run" from the spotlight of being soon publicly held accountable for their misdeeds - whether perceived and/or actual! There is also an "unwritten LDS Article of Faith" - I am finding: "[para.]Thou shalt not speak nor write criticisms of one's fellow Mormons in any public forum - even when conduct is found either blatantly illegal or even unethical"! There are few 'denials' when confronted with this de facto discovery, but it sure makes life interesting up here for those of us committed to even slightly expanding our rather modest "Gentile" influence among others of our Christian faith! [The Hindis, however, are a much different situation - increasingly resisting any commitmens to their cultural assimilation on other than strictly and solely upon their own cultural terms]!

Anonymous said...

Belatedly this month, my "Soaring Magazine" from the Soaring Society of America offices in Hobbs, NM arrived several weeks late - due to a change of address. But, DAN - In the September, 2009 edition of that remarkable publication is a fine piece about soaring in ELY, NV! They are fine folks down there and quite willing to send complimentary copies of that publication with so much as a phone request, should you be even slightly interested!

Anonymous said...

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