Sunday, June 6, 2010

Holy Trinity -- A Church On The Move

It was good to be back at Holy Trinity, Fallon today. The first thing you notice is the new sign which boldly welcomes people to worship and fellowship. The second thing is that the Holy Trinity congregation worships with energy. They sing the hymns with gusto, not dragging. They say the responses briskly. They are alert and engaged in prayer.

The next thing you notice is the pictures on the wall in the Parish Hall. Someone values these folks enough to photograph them and display their pictures with their names so people can get to know each other.

These first impressions of a healthy congregation are born out on deeper inspection. This is the first congregation in Nevada to identify someone to be trained as a lay evangelist. They offer a Bible Study, a divorce recovery seminar, a book group, a healing service, a mid-week Eucharist, private anointing for healing after the Sunday morning service, etc. They have 8 folks in the congregation trained as preachers, plus worship leaders and eucharisitic visitors.

Their challenge these days is that their Parish Hall needs to be replaced. Needless to say that is at once painful and exciting -- painful because it means tearing down the building where many special memories were made -- exciting because it promises a better space for fellowship, education, and community events in years to come.

As always, a visit to Fallon encourages me about our present and our future.

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