Monday, September 27, 2010

A Small Act Of Mercy And Its Unforeseen Consequences

A few years ago a woman who had served in the Iraq War came home. The war had done something to her psyche and she could not cope with civilian life. She found herself on the streets of Las Vegas where she was taken in and supported by one of our Episcopal Churches.

I don't know exactly what happened next, but somehow by the grace of God, she got her life together. She is now in Rochester, New York working with the Episcopal Diocese there. This is her project: They have remodeld an old rectory into a home for women soldiers returning from war, a place to help them make their way back. Substance abuse counselling is part of the program for those who need it. Bishop Katharine, who has a daughter in the military, recently dedicated the new home for women veterans.

A delegation from the Diocese of Rochester is here in Canton, Mississippi this week for our annual meeting of the Domestic Missionary Partnership. They told the story of how an act of mercy in Las Vegas is bearing fruit in their midst today.

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