Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Posted On The Passing Of Dave Brubeck


I want to dream
            in jazz
            – not short fiction
                        with banal story lines..
I want to dream instead
            in riffs of sound
            – notes, hot, cool, sweet, and blue.
No more dramas         
            like last night’s tired script
            with characters better forgot
            and plots devoid of charm.
No, henceforth,
            I shall dream
            in jazz alone
Wes Montgomery’s reflective chords,
            the musing melodies of Thelonius Monk,
            and Cal Tjeder’s
                        nuanced vibes.
When the story has been told 
            or grown too stale for telling,
it’s time to close
            even the inward eye
and drift on Coltrane’s
            “Russian Lullaby”
            time to dream
            in jazz.

Wrote this for a reading at a jazz bar in Macon, GA. It was still on their wall when I left. it doesn't mention Dave Brubeck, but I like to think he would have enjoyed it or at least the sentiment.

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