Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Well, it’s all over but the shouting – that is if we shout at the reception and closing dinner tonight.

The business of the Fall 2014 meeting of the House of Bishops is concluded. We had our Town Hall Meeting this morning, which is an open mike format. The high points were thank you’s for prayers and support given during times of personal and family hardship since our last meeting. We actually do that for each other and it helps.

In the business session we took up various questions including a resolution to support the Anglican Church in Hong Kong where the political situation is complex and shifting. We also took up the question about how best to work for peace in the war torn Middle East and offer support to persecuted religious minorities especially Christians. Instead of formal action on our part, we agreed to pass on messages to the Archbishop of Canterbury through Bishop Katharine who is talking with him next week.  Various other matters of business were addressed, but nothing newsworthy.

This afternoon I attended a discussion with members of the task force on marriage. It was an opportunity to offer input from our different diocesan contexts on both the liturgy and theology of marriage.

At this point, I am tired! But I have 90 minutes of downtime before the reception. I plan to use it to continue e mailing transition officers as a way to beat the bushes for candidates for priest openings in Nevada.

Tomorrow, bright and early, I take a shuttle to the airport and fly away home.

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