Friday, April 3, 2009

Consolation & Desolation In The News

Having just finished The Hour I First Believed, a book on the aftemath of Columbine, I am all the more speechless at the killings in Binghamton today. The 14 deaths, the other physical injuries, the PTSD that will afflict survivors -- some for a long, long time -- it is all beyond words.

Meanwhile in Fargo, ND, faced with a certain disaster, volunteers flooded in ahead of the water to make and stack 3 million sandbags!! It takes four people to do one sandbag. The spirit of common concern, the self-giving, the for-otherness -- again it is beyond words.

Such words as grace and salvation must pertain to these things. Some quality of mercy, some moment so of mutuality to overcome the lethal power of alienation -- grace must flow into the lives and deaths in some salving/healing way. Else I do not know how life is livable. Life is livable even in the face of horrors. That is to me perhaps the most mysterious gift.

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