Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Humanly Engaged Holy Week

Palm Sunday found me at St. Timothy's, Henderson. I feel so welcome there! Their open-hearted hospitaliy must be why they are making such a lovely comeback. After delcining during the national controveries of years gone by, they are now on the way up. New people are joining them. They are a noticeably younger congregation than when I saw them less than a year ago. There are young families, lots of children.

I had the joy of confirming two middle school boys. Their parents and grandparents can be justly proud of them. The children's choir joined the adult choir for a fine musical offering. They have a well designed building for worship. I see good things for this parish.

Holy Monday evening the Interfaith Coalition for Jobs and Housing held their first town hall meeting. Grace in the Desert was there in force. St. Timothy's was strongly represented. A few folks from Christ Church came. I am grateful for their support of this mission. I gave the invocation and participated one of the small groups.

All in all, about 150 people gathered in small groups to tell stories of how the economic crisis has impacted them and those near to them. It was the first time some of the folks had been able to talk about what they are dealing with. A feeling of caring support prevailed. But the goal goes beyond comfort in knowing others are hurting too. The goal is to put a human face on the crisis and do a reality check on the solutions. I hope the silver lining in all this will be to bring the people of this Valley together.

Holy Tuesday began bright and early with a peace rally at the Martin Luther King statue. I blessed about 40 peace activists from Nevada Desert Experience and Pace Bene before their long walk to Creech AFB. They are bunch of good hearted folks gathtered around some veteran Franciscans. Utterly uncompromised with the world.

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