Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It Is Happening Again

"It is happening again. It is happening again." -- Twin Peaks

For context, see the previous 2 posts.

So I went out the door on Monday morning and there was another ornament hanging on the door handle. It was a silver colored "Peace." A lovely thing really.

More about the snow man. There is a little switch on the bottom. Flip it on and the snow man lights up in alternating colors, red, blue, green, pink, etc.

And we already had the perfect ornaments for the white plastic tree -- a lot of small plastic pink flamingos in various tropcial attire.

This is the best kitchy Christmas tree ever. We decorated yesterday while listening to O Tannenbaum on the ipod.

We are considering installing a security camera in hopes of learning the identity of our secret Santa.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE IT, DAN! "Only in Vegas ..."? REALLY?