Tuesday, December 1, 2009

White Christmas (Tree)

For years, we have had a family issue: the Christmas tree. Linda always wanted an artificial tree. I have no idea why. I don't get it. I insisted on -- and for decades have prevailed -- a big green real tree that smells like the woods. Until now.

These days live, more or less, in Las Vegas. Tinsel town in the desert. The kingdom of kitsch. A classic Chrismas tree here would be trying for something from another planet. So I did more than relent. I swung the other way. I proposed a small artificial tree in flamingo pink. Linda would not have it. She wanted artifical green. (I still don't get it.) So I suggested a silver tree for the silver state. She wasn't buying it. So I said, ok a white artificial tree. She was not persuaded.

Last night, we were innocently watching the Monk Marathon on dvr. About 9:30, the doorbell rang. When I opened the door, there was an Advent miracle. It was a white Chistmas tree!!!! No one to be seen. I went all the way outside and looked up and down the street. No one there. But on our porch: A trunk of white plastic pipe, limbs of white plastic rods, white wires twined about the limbs to suggest something like vegetation but also vaguely reminiscent of fence wire -- and the wires leading to dainty little light bulbs -- pink, blue, green, white, and orange. It was plugged in and shining away on our porch in front of the bust of Palas Athena who looked shocked, her lips parted in wonder.

At first I did not know what to make of it. Then I took it inside and plugged it into a wall socket in the den. There it glows, even to this day.

Who could have been the giver of this wonderful gift! It is our first Las Vegas Christmas tree. We have not had a tree at all the past 2 Christmases. Now this!!! I am beside myself. Linda is bemusedly tolerant.


Rick+ said...

     Martin Luther would be thrilled to see how his tradition has evolved... or maybe not. I caved and got an artificial green tree years ago because of my daughters' asthma. I do, however, miss the smell of a real tree. The fake pine scent spray smells like soap to me for some odd reason. Still, another Christm... um... er... Advent miracle!

Unknown said...

UTAH's "first snow" was many weeks ago - and result was the sound @ ski resorts of "schlooshing" etc -- remember: those Bing Crosby lines to Rosemary Clooney in "White Christmas" as they gathered in the kitchen?

Since relocating from CA, via NV, then to UT earlier this year -- My "new Christmas tree" arrival is still being awaited by its ground mode of delivery.

The "painter of light" - THOMAS KINCAID - has come up with his new collapsible and pre-decorated then lighted Christmas tree -- so I ordered one.

["...to be properly & even later continued...]! ;-)

Unknown said...

JUST posted some 'news' about a UTAH "Winter Storm Warning" [Monday - Dec 7th - 'Pearl Harbor Day'] on the Bishop Dan's blog discussion of "The Snow Man Cometh" stuff, y'all! ;-)

Spike said...

What wonderful gifts... both the tree and your post regarding it. An Advent miracle and a sweet mystery! Sounds to me like one of those times when acceptance and appreciation pave the way for joy and wonder.

I'm glad the tree appeared in such a manner and that we (you and most of your readers) don't know the origins of the gift. This allows us all the possibilities of joyful speculation. Each of us has a chance to picture the tree and imagine our own holiday card image of the scene. Delightful!

Perhaps the source will someday be revealed. Perhaps not. The wild, wild, west continues to amaze us all. Thanks for sharing the moment.