Monday, March 30, 2009

St. Christopher's Boulder City

Yesterday I was commodiously welcomed by St. Christopher's in Boulder City, the small town featured in Phyllis Baker's, How I Got Cultured. They are a growing congregation -- 62 present in reply to the church bell rung by a charming little girl. There were lots, and I mean lots, of children in the congregation. After the Gospel reading, the younger kids recited the Our Father and most of Pslam 23. The older kids then presented a puppet show from 2nd Kings.

At our "pot blessing" lunch -- a priest from bygone days changed pot luck to the more theological pot blessing -- we had a friendly feast followed by a forum. The congregation expressed the need for ministry development support from the diocese, especially a program to train and license lay preachers. They also want more cooperative interaction with other parishes.

As we met, 5 of St. Christopher's teenagers were at Galilee for a work camp. Note that St. Chhistopher's is one of the farthest parishes from Galilee in the diocese. But they sent five young people to work there. Despite the distance, St. Christopher's was by far the best represented parish in the diocese at Family Camp last summer. These folks are on board with youth and camp ministries.

The good people of our church in Boulder City are an inspiration. I am encouraged by the vitality of their ministry, as they increase their aid to the local poor becasue the number of local poor is on the rise in these hard times. This is a church with a warm heart and an open door.

After church, I stopped off to buy an Indian ring to replace one I had lost in Kanuga. Boulder City is the best place I have found in Nevada to buy Indian Jewelry. However, if you are just looking for a stone, the place to go is The Rock Shop in Fallon. I did not have a chance to sample the culinary delights of Boulder City, except for the sumptuous repaste at the Church pot blessing. But from prior visits, I know Boulder City is quite the place for pleasing the palatte. My favorite spot is Mel's Diner.

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