Monday, May 18, 2009

A Little More On The Covenant

I still haven't digested the document. But it all seems to turn on section 4, the enforcement clause. And apparently the ACC has not approved that except as a discussion document. So the thing really isn't even on the table yet for voting by anyone. It is more like a motion made so the subject can be discussed. We should therefore discuss -- but as in the case of germ fears, don't panic.


Roseline Christ said...

Who is your neighbor? What does 'neighbor" mean?

What's really the question to ask? Is the question about just "love" more than rather on questioning "who" is/are our neighbor/s?

Did the Lord bring this issue in the New Testament?

It's been for years now that great teaches of the Word are still discussing about the 'Anglican Covenant' - which is a good thing!

However, they got the starting point wrong although they are making great effort and gather together for the purpose of reconciliation.

Keep on trying...

In the Love of Christ!

Bishop Dan said...

Good points. I think the conversation about the covenant is already producing good results in relationships -- even if the drafts are not satisfactory.