Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Holy Spirit Gets Hate Mail For Pentecost

The Church of the Holy Spirit in Bullhead City is a lovely small congregation in a town that is largely a retirement community. The congregation is primarily senior citizens. They are not the sort to march for liberal causes.

But just before Pentcost, they recieved a handwritten note threatening to burn their church because we are a gay inclusive denomination. I am not sure whether I am speechless at the absurdity of evil or whether the response to this sensless venom is too obvious.

One think I hope it will clarify for us as a diocese and a denomination is that we are in fact a family. What we do affects each other. That's why we must support each other, consider each other, and appreciate each other.


Rev. Clelia Pinza-Garrity said...

Sounds like they have lost touch with the meaning of Christianity - especially the "seeking and serving Christ in all people, and loving your neighbor as yourself" piece.

Anonymous said...

Time to 'gird loins' IN ANTICIPATION OF SOME PIE THROWING IN 'THE NAME OF CIVIL RIGHTS' during build-up until, then the actual US Senate Committee on the Judiciary public confirmation hearings for the nominated associate justice to US Supreme Court. Might also be looking at a couple of what I am led to believe are imminently from the US Supreme Court, re: civil rights case law decisions in next few days. ONE OF THE ISSUES even "The New York Times" refuses to keep posted on its blog sites [that is called censorship in some legal quarters] are any mentiones of = [#1] - The legislative intent of "The Civil Rights Law (1964)"; as well as [#2] a book by Theodore H. Whyte titled "America In Search of Itself" - especially section on affirmative action. For those now preparing for the confirmation hearings, those two sources might be worthwhile reviewing 'in prep'!

Unknown said...

Thanks. I quoted this (as I have other things you have written) on my blog. I'm not sure you're awarewhen I quote you, so I wanted to make sure you knew it was happening. I appreciate what you're writing.

Anonymous said...

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