Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Las Vegas II

Did you know that right in the middle of this desert city is a swamp? There is. It's a wetland preserved as a park by the County. Two of our folks from St. Matthew's work there.

The swamp actually has water and watery plants. There are roadrunners, hawks, and all sorts of little swamp critters about. It isn't the Okefenoke or the Everglades but it is a bona fide swamp. And there are ducks, little brown ducks indigenous to Nevada.

However, awhile back an eco-terrorist or at least a vandal released four domestic white ducks into the swamp. That was uncool so the swamp authorities rounded them up -- that is they rounded up three of them. The fourth was too smart, too fast, or too something. They could not catch him.

For months, he eluded the swamp police. But there were occasional sightings, and more frequent quackings, to let us know he was still there. We called him Osama bin Duck. I heard a rumor the duck was eventually apprhended. He's probably in Git-mo by now.

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Anonymous said...

DID YOU KNOW THAT "coming to a rather large city near you" [viz. Las Vegas] are some highly skilled, dedicated - mostly now retired - folk who built then flew the SR-71 "Blackbird" and its redecessor spy aircraft? The Smithsonian Atomic Testing Museum [about a block East of Terrible's Hotel and Casino] is hosting this event on Wednesday - October 7th (6-8 pm. - MC'ed by George Knapp of KLAS-TV) & on Thursday - October 8th (1-3 p.m.) open to the public.