Friday, December 4, 2009

The Snow Man Cometh

And this morning, I found a bag on the front door knob. It contained a tree top ornament snow man. We are having the bag dusted for prints and scraped for DNA samples.


Unknown said...

ok, this chain of events would officially freak me out, and trigger all sorts of paranoia!

Anonymous said...

They say anything is possible in Vegas.

Unknown said...

"Since 'tis the Season" AND IN THAT HOLY SRIRIT = Might I suggest an added entry to that section on this blog where "whisps of wisdom from afar & near" are linked?

My modest suggestion = Could we add "Your God is Too Small" - an essay by J. B. Phillips? PLEASE?

"For this Most Holy Season ..."?

Unknown said...

UTAH has a "Winter Storm Warning" -NO TRAVEL is being RECOMMENDED!

Ergo = "OUR SNOW People" {PC term. y'all) are out in force today! ;-)