Tuesday, September 24, 2013


The last day of House of Bishops was full and busy but I find myself too tired to even remember much of it.

I do recall that my panel presented this morning on the subject of how our diocese had experienced loss opening the way to new possibilities. I presented on how Latino ministries had sprung up in the wake of parish decline; and how something new seems to be taking shape since the greatly regretted loss of the regional vicars (ministry developers). Other presentations were from Julio Holguin of the Dominican Republic about the new sense of structure and formation there; Diane Jardine Bruce of Los Angeles about congregations dealing with ethnically changing neighborhoods by walking the neighborhood and making friends; Todd Ousley of Eastern Michigan about using new ministry models in the wake of declining population and employment; and Jeff Lee speaking of the merger of the Dioceses of Quincy and Chicago. It was all actually quite inspiring. I was particularly touched by Diane’s account of connecting with the neighborhood.

We did plodding business in the afternoon, nothing anyone could get exercised about. Then we had our closing dinner tonight, including graduation ceremonies for those who have completed the College or Bishops and farewells for three retiring bishops.

I have loved seeing these special friends and look forward to connecting with then again next Spring.

Tomorrow, I fly to Reno for the Empty Bowls Benefit Banquet in Sparks, where I will be a waiter once again this year.

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