Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Live From Lake Logan II: Search For The Boojum

Each night as I walk from the meeting place through the dark woods to my cabin, I am keeping an eye out hoping to spot the legnedary boojum. He is a Big Foot character who wanders the mountains of North Carolina and is sighted from time to time. It is said that the boojum collects the semi-precious stones that bedeck these wooded slopes. All of this, I am inclined to believe. The less credible part of the story is that he hides each stone in a bottle of moonshine so that one can retrieve the stone only by emptying the bottle one way or another.

We have had more good training in liturgy for bishops. I am doing a few things right and a few things wrong. Good to know. We are now being trained on getting feedback. The training isn't that helpful. I think I've got the point, which is hard but quite simple. Last night we met with the TEC media folks about getting our message out at General Convention. I don't know if the proposals they were vetting to us were serious. They never said they were not. But we really lambasted them. Too much episco-speak political trendiness -- not enough following Jesus. 6 out of 6 small groups of new bishops all came to that same conclusion independently.

This afternoon, we get on to our critical incidents. That, along with the worhsip and Bible Study, is always the best part.

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Unknown said...

BISH - You're a breath of fresh air and also simultaneously capable of intelligent thought! What a concept!